It is recommended that you use the following settings to get the most out of this template.


  • "Show icons" = hide.


Better SEO settings.

  • "Url routing" = Modern
  • "Remove id's from url's = Yes

Contact page

The contact form may not function well with this template because javascript is disabled. You can remove this line of code if you like, but you will lose some of the speed.

One person who bought this template said that they used the extension... Here I just copied this from an email I received which might help.

"If it help, I loaded JD Simple Contact Form extension and that works very well with your template out of the box (except CSS of course). There is just something wrong with the inbuilt Joomla Contact component not playing nicely with your template. Thanks, Dan"

How can you edit the CSS?

Pretty easy if you ask me. You can just go directly to the index.php file in the template and edit it there. Of course you want to save a copy first as a backup. You can right click and see the page source on this page to see it. It's very simple. That is Jspeed.