Do you want a minimalist Joomla template that is simple and fast? Well, take a look at the page you are on as this simple Joomla template gets page speed scores of 100% out of the box (without images). 

This is an SEO optimized Joomla template where you will start off winning vs. losing. With many other templates you will have to do a lot of modification to get something simple that is also fast loading.

I know because I would spend a lot of time modifying my templates to make them faster.

Tired of fancy, cluttered websites?

Well, take a look at this template. Does it look fancy to you? Nope. It isn't. It's simple. And the benefit is that it is fast because of it's simplicity.

Do you need a fancy website? What really matters?

No. For some people design is important. There's a lot of marketing out there that says that too. But think of Craigslist or Wikipedia. These websites are pretty popular, but they are simple. Why is that?

It's because of the content. 

They are not popular because they are fancy or pretty. They are popular because they help people. So what's the message here? Your content matters more than the colors and design of your website. You can have the coolest website around, but if the content sucks then you won't have any visitors, make any money or spread your message.

So you want something minimal that works so that you can do your thing. Besides this template comes with some other benefits like speed which your users and search engines like.

There are no big and heavy javascript libraries

Most Joomla templates will load many large JS files by default which slow down the page load time, but if you just want a really simple Joomla website you might not need them. 

Jspeed won't load any files, by default. But if you decide you need one then you can do that too by removing a small line of code in the template.

No large CSS files - No bootstrap

The Bootstrap css file that comes with the standard Protostar template is over 150KB. If you just want a minimal website then you don't need this. On another site I took that same CSS file and eliminated over 130KB of CSS.

Jspeed uses only a minimal amount of CSS which is inlined. This CSS is so small that it can load quickly on page.

Instead of starting with a heavy and slow site you can start with a super fast and lightweight site

Out of the box most Joomla templates are slow. Jspeed won't load any javascript files or CSS files by default. If you later decide that you need one or both then you can add them by removing and adding a few simple lines of code.

No sidebar - It's simple with only 1 column

There is no sidebar in this template. That lack of sidebar minimizes the CSS needed and helps keep your users eyes where you want them - on your content. According to eye tracking studies people don't actually read the sidebar much and on other sites removing the sidebar increased conversions.

Does Google search have a sidebar?

It's mobile friendly too

This template works in all devices. Test this page out for yourself with an online tool for speed and mobile friendliness.

Get Jspeed the minimalistic Joomla template for $29. 

Once I receive your payment I will send the template to you within 24 hours.

Or learn more about it.