Surprisingly I was not excited when I found this "Jspeed" extension, in fact I was very agitated. Why? Because the person who created this is a rip off copycat. So I do not recommend this extension and let me explain why.

Take a close look at the URL that you are on.

Now you will see the name "Jspeed" in the URL, so you might think that this is the same product. But no. It is not, but it is very closely related. "Jspeed" is a super fast and light weight Joomla template.

Jspeed the template?

Jspeed the template was created in 2018.

In the picture above you can see the name in the URL, the text on the page and the publish date from one of the earlier blog posts.

"Jspeed" the extension?

According to Joomla extensions the extension was created in 2020.

This is a COPYRIGHT VIOLATION. Now if his product was a stimulant that you pop in your mouth then that's not a copyright violation, but his product is a Joomla extension to make your site supposedly load faster. Mine is a Joomla template that loads fast. They are very closely related. That's a copyright violation.

I emailed J!Extensions store about this problem and guess what?

No reply. 

Of course you may say how can I believe you or does this matter? Fair enough. First we can check dates using an external site. 

Who is the original Jspeed?

The wayback machine is an internet archive of the web. It contains a history of cached websites.

You can see that the earliest cached pages were from July and August 2018.

Does this matter to you?

Have you ever heard the quote...

"How you do one thing is how you do everything."

What does that mean?

This person doesn't give a f**k about stealing the name of my template to use with his cheap related product. So if he doesn't care about that then he has no pride in his product to even invent his own name.


That means his extension is probably also a copycat of one of the other speed extensions like JCHoptimize. 

I formerly used JCHoptimize starting way back in 2014 on another site and then again later.

It worked good in the beginning, but you know overtime you add different extensions and then some stuff doesn't work well with others. Then when I tried to use it again maybe a few years ago it didn't really boost my page speed so then I thought why not make my own super simple template?

I did and I named it Jspeed.

It's not for everyone (it's minimalistic) but what you will see on that page is that it gets 100% out of the box. But don't get too excited because if you use a lot of extensions and java script then it won't.


The owner of J!Extensions (ironically he puts a TM for trademark by his name) doesn't care about stealing the name of my product. So he doesn't care about stealing others work. He's got no pride. And I know as a creator that if you put the time into something then you will care about the name.

So my recommendation is that if you are looking for an extension to choose another.